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Impact and performance review


To independently review the impact of QMS activities between 2017 and 2022 on behalf of the red meat sector in Scotland.


October 2022 - May 2023

Quality Meat Scotland is responsible for the quality assurance, development and promotion of the Scottish red meat industry.

Already subject to extensive audits as a non-departmental public body, QMS sought to gain a long-term view of delivery against sector needs, and to gauge the industry's contribution to Scotland Food & Drink's target of £30 billion in turnover by 2030.

Glic identified that the Scottish red meat sector had outperformed the rest of the UK by a combined £254 million through QMS' support.

Glic was appointed by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) to complete an independent review of the organisation’s activity over the past five years.

The review was commissioned to assess the impact of QMS on the red meat industry in Scotland and the UK, and the value it adds through funding by a statutory levy.

Assuming the role of a critical friend to evaluate the organisation’s annual reports and implementation plans, Glic produced a robust examination of QMS’s operations and industry impact using methods we developed specifically for the project.

We conducted extensive research and analysis on the wider red meat sector and produced economic assessments on the client’s three primary product areas (Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb, and Specially Selected Pork).

Glic interviewed directorate heads on their roles and vision for the future to critically appraise QMS’ current and past activities across industry development; market development; corporate services; brands integrity; market intelligence and external affairs; marketing and communications; and health and education.

Having used bespoke analysis to find that QMS delivers a gross return of £5.50 on every £1 of statutory levy invested, we supplied QMS with detailed reports that identified the economic benefits they bring to the sector. These findings were presented alongside comprehensive recommendations on how QMS could improve their assessments of impact and performance.


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"Glic’s support and analysis has enabled QMS to showcase the positive return to the industry of our activities on the levy invested.

We are grateful to the team at Glic for their thorough approach and recommendations which we will look to build into our future work."

Sarah Millar, Chief Executive
Quality Meat Scotland

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