Our Services

Our key business areas signify the wealth and breadth of experience and knowledge we have built up over the years. We work with the client to optimise their activity and always tailor the services we offer to the specific needs of the business, enterprise or community group.

Glic's expertise

Feasibility studies, options appraisals and evaluation studies

Assessing impacts
Economic, social and environmental

Project and interim management

Business planning, community consultation and action planning

Creating strategy
Development and research

Development, strategy and applications

Research and analysis

Research, evidence and data gathering provides insight to help decision-making. However, organisations often struggle to invest enough time and resources to adequately assess information to support their decisions.

Glic is well equipped to provide help in answering all-important questions and producing objective, insightful analysis.

Strategy development

A strategy sets out how an organisation intends to employ its resources to achieve its objectives.

To develop a client’s strategy, Glic seeks to analyse and challenge the organisation’s environment, processes and resources. With options identified, we then determine an appropriate strategic direction, and recommend how resources should be allocated.

Investment and funding

Executing new project ideas requires significant financial resources, and securing funding can be time consuming and unsuccessful.

Glic has practical experience of raising funds from the private and public sectors. We can prepare compelling cases for investment and support organisations to write funding applications, develop wider funding strategies and report on activity.

Business and community planning

A solid tactical plan sets out how an organisation will deliver on the aims and objectives described in its strategy, and external critique can be invaluable to the process.

At Glic, we challenge assumptions and provide candid feedback, working with the client to develop a credible and tested route map that delivers on specified goals and objectives.

Impact assessments

Impact assessments can provide value for business and community projects, to access funding and make a case for investment; act as evidence in contract submissions; support planning applications; or advise organisations on how to maximise their activity.

Glic has the knowledge and experience to conduct assessments at an economic, social and environmental level and has developed this workstream with specialised, impact-specific methodologies.

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