Business and community planning

A solid tactical plan sets out how an organisation will deliver on the aims and objectives as described in its strategy. An organisation's ability to achieve its goals can be limited without one, and external feedback can be invaluable to the process.

At Glic, we challenge assumptions and provide the client with candid feedback, working with the organisation, business or community group to develop a credible and tested route map that delivers on specified goals and objectives.

We have a wealth of experience in conducting feasibility studies and options appraisals, and using SWOT, cost-benefit and needs analyses to design business plans, identify projected outcomes and areas for development.

With each analysis, we produce recommendations on the option/s that should be pursued further, and evaluate each based on weighted systems of scoring advantages, disadvantages and risks.

We have previously worked with failing and loss-making businesses to assess, review and modify their processes to improve their performance. With these clients, we have produced business plans that include avenues of cost reduction and new investment that have revived them to become profitable, successful and economically sustainable businesses.

We’ve also worked specifically on land use plans, examining the aims of the community and producing costed plans for each project proposed. From this, we’ve developed long-term financial plans for what should be expected in terms of risk and return, assessing practicalities, capacities, structures, and financial requirements.

Case studies

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