The Langholm Initiative: Tarras Valley Nature Reserve




Market and impact analyses


To analyse business development opportunities and impacts at Tarras Valley Nature Reserve


January - April 2024

In a community buyout, the Langholm Initiative purchased 10,500 acres of the Tarras Valley in Southern Scotland.

Now, the development trust is creating the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve, a place that brings people and environment together to support economic, community and natural regeneration in Langholm and its environs.

Glic identified three discrete opportunities for the reserve that could generate £286K for the local economy every year.

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The Langholm Initiative identified three sites within the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve (TVNR) where businesses and community initiatives could be developed to generate income for the TVNR and locale.

Glic was commissioned to conduct market and impact analyses for the three areas, to define the variety of businesses that might locate to the TVNR along with their premise needs and income flows, in alignment with the reserve’s central purpose in ecological restoration.

Following research and analysis, Glic proposed a suite of developments that encompassed housing, tourism, and commercial and community activity. All proposals were refined to balance, economic, ecological and social impacts.

Our team undertook extensive research to understand the behaviours, activities and opinions of the local community and explore similar cases across Scotland.

This research fed into the development of three business and community opportunities for the TVNR that were distinct in their operational approaches and income-generating capacities.

Glic produced an assessment of the potential economic impacts associated with each project, and the viability and risks associated with their development. Social and environmental impacts were also defined, to ensure the proposals were consistent with the overall purpose of the TVNR and the Langholm Initiative’s values.


Glic presented the Langholm Initiative with an extensive report of three discrete proposals for the sites, with foci on commercial and community; environmental; and tourism activity. The project’s socio-economic context and opportunities within the TVNR segmented by sector were explored, with accompanying case studies of successful execution elsewhere.

Each proposal included an outline of facilities and services required for establishment and operation, an assessment of viability and associated risks and detail of economic, social and environmental impacts associated with investment.

The proposals designed by Glic were identified to deliver on multiple national, regional and local priorities. Together, they could produce 14 full-time jobs and £286K GVA per annum for the area, contributing to economic and community regeneration in Langholm.


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"Glic completed the project in a very tight timescale, to a great level of quality, bringing a significant depth of experience from other projects to this work. We were delighted with the process and outputs of their work."

Jim Bennett
The Langholm Initiative: Tarras Valley Nature Reserve

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