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Social, Environmental and Economic Impact Assessments


Development of a business case to secure additional funding


June – August 2022

THA are responsible for the development, management and conservation of Tobermory Bay.

In August 2019 THA purchased land at Aros Park Waterfront, 1.5 miles from Tobermory, which includes a pier, slipway and two deteriorating buildings: the former estate sawmill and original boathouse.

Glic’s work delivered the identification of a possible £2.8m worth of social benefits over a 10-year period.

Glic was appointed to assess how environmental, social and economic factors can be balanced to make the Aros Waterfront a sustainable development that alleviates the community’s socioeconomic challenges.

What Glic did

We conducted social, economic and environmental impact assessments to identify the benefits and costs that could accrue from developing the Aros site. The HMRC five-case model and optimism bias were considered when developing the recommendations.

Glic identified £2.8 million worth in social benefits over a 10-year period, with positive impacts that include new enterprise opportunities, employment creation, facility improvements and subsequent effects on complementary projects.

THA’s Board is using the business case and recommendations to access c£1.2 million of development funding, and received significant investment from Scottish Government in January 2023.

Our services

“The work carried out by Glic tested the strength of our project plan and helped make our business plan more robust, resulting in over £833k of capital funding being granted.”

Anne Fraser
Tobermory Harbour Association

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